Photos and Text by Sophia N. Ahmad


Cremona is a small city in the North of Italy, most famous for its violins, which have been manufactured there since the early 16th century. Although it's very quiet, classical music can be heard playing softly at almost every corner. Curvilinear details are everywhere, echoing the shape of the city's favorite instrument. 

Cremona Italy Ceiling Detail
Cremona Italy Architecture Detail
Cremona Italy Plant Leaves Sunlight Orange
Cremona Italy Brick Yellow Wall Architecture Detail
Cremona Italy Yellow Orange Wall Architecture Detail Color Palette
Cremona Italy Bergonzi Color Palette
Cremona Italy Pink Bow Color Palette
Cremona Italy Street Light Architecture Detail
Cremona Italy Color Palette
Cremona Italy Green Orange Pastel Architecture Detail
Cremona Italy Color Palette Green Orange Pastel
Cremona Italy Color Study Palette

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