Photos and Text by Sophia N. Ahmad


Since moving to Milan last fall, I’ve been itching to travel all over Italy. I’ve spent some time in Florence and Venice, but what really interests me are the smaller towns.

Many cities in Italy have a unique visual identity, and color plays an important role in that. Curious as I am about each city’s history, I prefer to read very little about it before I visit, allowing my first impressions to be mostly visual and atmospheric.

Bologna is known as "La Dotta, La Grassa, La Rossa" (The Learned, The Fat, The Red). Fitting for a city with a rich history of academics, food, and anti-fascist movements. Red also refers to the terracotta-colored brick widely used in the city's architecture.

Bologna Italy Color Palette Bicycle
Bologna Italy Red Building Green Window Clothesline
Bologna Italy Green Fence Color Palette
Bologna Italy Green Window Color Palette
Bologna Italy Yellow Orange Buildings
Bologna Italy Pink Building Grey Windows
Bologna Italy Orange Green Red Color Palette Hose
Bologna Italy Red Plastic Bag
Bologna Italy Orange Yellow Paint
Bologna Italy Yellow Pipe Pink Brick Wall
Bologna Italy Color Palette Color Study

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