Peter Zimmerman's Pools of Resin


Artist Peter Zimmerman has transformed the floors of Museum für Neue Kunst in his hometown of Freiburg, Germany. For his solo exhibition, "Freiburg School", over 1400 square feet were coated with pools of pink, orange and blue resin. The colored floors are meant to feel immersive, reflecting and heightening the viewer's experience of the oil paintings hanging on the gallery walls.

Speaking to German journalist Till Briegleb, Zimmerman says, “The fact that visitors actually walk on it necessarily means that the surface will get scratched, destroyed. It develops a kind of patina as a result. Trainers leave scuff marks, high heels leave scratches. All of which are all interesting relicts…. I think that these traces correspond to the brush strokes of the oil paintings.”

The exhibition is open for viewing until June 21, 2016.


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